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Frequently Asked Questions | Car Loans & Credit in Ontario

Below are a set of frequently asked questions regarding Ontario Bad Credit Car Loans and credit in general. Please browse through the page, and see if you can find an answer immediately. If you require further assistance please don’t hesitate to call one of our car loan experts at 866-738-6045.

What is a Credit Score?​

A credit score is a number that varies from 300 (poor credit) to 900 (excellent credit). Your credit score is determined by calculating how much debt you have compared to your income, how many loans you’ve recently taken out, and how regular you are with payments. A credit score is used to determine how eligible you are to receive your next loan, whether it be a used car, mortgage, furniture purchase, or a credit card.

Can I Get a Loan If I Don’t Know My Credit Score?

Absolutely! Leave the work to us – we will find your credit score, find an appropriate lender for you, and make sure you are satisfied with the monthly payment and interest rate you receive. Provide us with personal ID, and let us know what you are looking for in terms of financing and used cars, and we will take care of the rest. We will finance you whether you have good or bad credit.

I Have Bad Credit – Will You Finance Me?

Yes! Our car loan specialists have lenders waiting to finance you even if you have bad credit. We contact the right people on your behalf, and use our industry connections to secure financing for you. If you`ve been turned down elsewhere, it doesn`t mean that we can`t help.

Will I need a Co-Signer?​

Often times car shoppers don`t have someone that can co-sign for them, so they are worried about applying for financing. We have several programs that can get you a car loan in Ontario without a co-signer! Special program for recent college/university graduates as well.

Do I need a Down Payment?​

Down payments are not always necessary, but they do help to lower your payments. A trade-in vehicle can also act as a down payment and put it`s appraised cash value towards your loan. Basically, the more money you have to add is helpful, but not required.

What Cars Do You Finance?​

We are able to finance our customers for cars produced in the year 2004 up until the current year. Our staff is ready to finance you for many of the cars on our dealership’s lot.

How long is a term?​​

Our Ontario Car Loan specialists can finance you for as short of a term as 12 months, or as long as up to 96 months, depending on your choice. Our payment options are very flexible, and we can custom make a plan to fit your needs and your budget. Our bad credit car loans are very flexible.

Can I use my Line of Credit to buy a car?

A line of credit is a bank loan that takes the value of your home as collateral to repay the loan in the event that you can`t afford it. While you are able to use a line of credit to buy a car, it is advised that you don`t, because most people wouldn’t want to lose their house in the event that they can`t pay their car loan.

Can I apply if I’m not from Guelph?​

Absolutely! Our team has experience in helping customers get car loans whether they are in Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Milton, London, Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, or anywhere in Ontario or Canada! We are ready for your call today!

Does a Pre-Approval Help?​

Yes! Getting pre-approved means that your information has already passed through the initial stages of processing, and we have examined possible lenders that would be right for you. A pre-approval for your Ontario Car Loan also helps you narrow a price bracket for your next used car.

Does Wilson’s take trade-ins?​

Yes! Our dealership readily appraises vehicles in person, and our staff members are trained, experienced, and fair. Trade values are based on vehicle year/make/model, features, condition, mileage, and market value. We offer the appraisal service free of charge, and incorporate the value of your trade as a cash value towards your next used car purchase​

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